Review Blackberry 9550 Storm 2

Blackberry Storm 9500 has not been able to lift the big name brands made by Research in Motion (RIM) is in the segment of touch screen phones. Her presence was like a Blackberry fan expectations out there who are looking forward to new innovations. As a result, unlike his brother the other, this series feels sluggish on the market,

Luckily, RIM did not break the charcoal to see the fate of the Blackberry Storm 9500. Because the vendor has to bring the next generation, dubbed the Blackberry 9500 Storm aka Odin 2. This type is not yet formally entered into the market homeland, but Review1st already held and tested the capabilities of this smartphone via a distributor-labeled product warranty Verizon Wireless. How  virulence?


If we take a deeper, Blackberry Storm 2 bears some new advantages not found in previous versions. In terms of appearance hardly much different except for changes in key sectors which together with the screen. The touch screen is still relying on capacitive technology with Sure-press controls that improved its ability.

Material glossy polish this smartphone makes it appear more luxurious than its predecessor. Key positions that are part of the screen consists of three options namely the call, the BlackBerry button, Back and end calls supported Sure-press controls. So all parts of the screen plus another button integrated with each other without any special insulation.


When Review1st mengopreknya first time, revealed that this smartphone has supported the ability of a reliable network. In addition to utilizing the service via SIM card GSM operator, you can also inject Blackberry Tour 2 with CDMA service operator output. Quite promising considering Indonesia CDMA operators have started rushing to spawn based services such as Smart Telecom Blackberry and Star One.

Interestingly, both these networks can deliver high-speed data channel. Is HSDPA (7.2 mbps) for GSM and EV-DO (3.6 mbps) for CDMA networks. But please remember, both services (CDMA / GSM) can not operate the same alias to enjoy the different services should make the switch first.

Operating Systems

Blackberry Storm 2 aka Odin that we tested was equipped with the latest Blackberry OS version (platform The most interesting part of this OS is its support for saving performance Lithium-ion battery 1400 mAh become more efficient or not wasteful. Also affect the display sector, which now form the windows no longer a drop down menu plus access that is faster than the first Storm.


In data storage, Odin provides 2GB of internal memory with a capacity of flash memory plus 256 MB. Compare with previous Storm that just 1GB flash memory with 128 MB. Other than that, they both provide an external memory slot for MicroSD.


Unfortunately, the ability of the camera is still the same as its predecessor versions. Only class 3.2 megapixel camera with you. But completeness is quite good such as autofocus, flash, iImage stabilizer and some special arrangements. But the result is quite pretty well indoor or outdoor use.

As in previous versions of Storm, Review1st found which is equivalent Odin screen TFT display 65,536 colors 480 x 360 pixels with 3.25-inch diagonal.Relatively large and comfortable to use for the size of the touch screen phones.

With the UI type is sensitive to capacitive touch of a finger belonging intuitive.Moreover, supported by feature Sure-press who seemed more perfect than the first version of the Blackberry Storm. For the record, Sure-press feature on Blackberry recommend you to do a little emphasis on the screen to execute the command, typing or doing activities.

We explore several applications, rather ecewa Review1st because the application documents on the smartphone just via the trial version of Documents To Go. So you can only open the document without any editing functions. In addition, there is provided a feature to open a PDF file.

But like the Blackberry in general, access to electronic mail aliases remain a leading service via the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) or Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES). Also features chat such as BlackBerry Messenger, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and so on.

For business provided various facilities ranging from meeting schedule settings application, the alarm, word pad, storage files and others. One additional, SMS messaging feature on this smartphone can be displayed with a view like when you're chatting.

Other facilities found in the Blackberry Storm 2, among others, data cables and connectivity via Bluetooth. Not to forget the advantages previously not available in the first version of Storm that Internet access via WiFi. GPS also provides navigation via a digital map.

You can eliminate boredom by turning to music, watch video, record sound via multimedia applications plus he's loudspeaker music player and video player.Uniquely, via the new operating system, provided the media folder with the grid view which integrates a number of entertainment facilities in one location.

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