Samsung and Google Prepare Nexus Two broke out

Google and Samsung are reportedly preparing a new generation ofsmartphones Nexus, the Nexus Two. Rumors, Nexus successor will be launched8 November in New York City.

Wimberly own claim does not matter if many people do not believe this rumor."Just wait on the game. Look what happened in two weeks, "he said. Not only the TG Daily, many people not sure if Samsung Nexus Two quickly releasedwithout signs.

Samsung could have been recorded debut as one of the vendors pertamayangGingerbread releasing Android phones. Would be very interesting if true, although not the Nexus Two, which was launched early.

If that is the Samsung designated Google as a partner manufacturers, auto HTCofficially no longer a producer of Google's smartphone. Indeed, some time ago,the Internet giant's Mountain View home states cease to market the Nexus.

Google's move was taken because of poor sales Nexus, even though this phonecould be a one-awaited mobile phone. People think Google did not really jump into the mobile phone industry, but simply want to encourage other hardwarevendors to support the Android platform.

At least Google's move to create a popular Android is not in vain. Phone vendors to other computers in droves launch the Android platform. Even formobile phones, Android is now one of the rivals Apple's iPhone.

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