Samsung Planned Release Three New Cell Phone

Maybe you have to think that Samsung has forgotten his Bada OSbut it did not.The model number for the three latest Samsung phones leaked the GT-S5360,S7250D, and GT-GT-S8600.

Of the three, the GT-7250D has previously been found in the Bada SDK 2.0where the phone is identified as the Wave 725 and is said to have a screenresolution HVGA, the first smartphone Bada. The other two have not beenidentified as the Bada phone but if you look the model number of them it's not hard to imagine that their OS may be running.

Bada series is usually beginning with the GT-S followed by 4 digit numbers.S8600 seem attractive, because this is probably the Wave III is expected to be announced soon. Hopefully more information about this device from Samsung'sIFA event likely in September.

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