iPods have the Release Application for Rifle 'Sniper'

The new program named BulletFlight can become an application killer from Apple.

An application has been launched for the completeness of the iPod to help snipers(snipper) really zeroing target.

This application is named BulletFlight worth £ 6.99 if you want to download fromiTunes, created by Runaway App to complement the iPod into a ballistic computerwhich, according to the company can provide "quick solutions in the field".
Users can put the iPod on the rifle, and use the touch screen iPod to monitor in detail the wind conditions, type of ammunition, the distance to the target and the wind speed at the time.

"Unlike other applications, BulletFlight not give the output in table form format," according to the iTunes application guidelines. "But this can be dynamically gives you the solution needed to be used in the shooting."

These applications can already be used for the three weapons - precisionsemi-automatic rifle M110, KAC PDW and 14.5in SR16 rifle - but the shooter canalso add to other weapon into this application.
BulletFlight Although not the first gun application on the iPhone and iPod - like the famous with iSnipe term - but this is an unusual application is placed directly on the equipment used.

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Bangjal Dua Tiga said...

product apple emang keren2 gan

Blogger Pemula said...

ciss me back gan ane tunggu....

Let's Eat Some Good Food said...

where is your chatbox?

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katils said...

sayang tidak punya $ buat belinya hehe

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