Reinforced Android 2.1, Motorola CITRUS touted as a smartphone accessible tonovice. HP is going to circulate in the U.S. through Verizon Wireless in the fourthquarter of this year.

Using capacitive touch screen, the navigation feels good to smoothly interfaceresponse when we flick, sweep, or even pinch the screen. There is also a 7-panelHome screen widgets that can be spiked with our favorite application shortcuts, including sticky notes, weathers, messages, and calendar. Typical touch screen,virtual QWERTY keyboard typing using the available either in landscape or portraitmode. Also, have been buried too full HTML-enabled web browser, complete withBing Bing Search and Maps, as well as quick access to Facebook and Googleservices (GMail, Google Talk, YouTube).
The most enticing feature is the BACKTRACK, the touch panel on the back of the phone that allows us to navigate and scroll the screen contents unhindered hand,something which has been a 'bully' on the phone-featured touchscreen phone.

For matters of appearance, Motorola CITRUS using plastic body made ​​from 25%recycled post-consumer that has been guaranteed by carbon-free,also free of PVC and BFRs. Package packaging and manuals also go green with the use of, successively, of recycled paper 80% post-consumer and 100% post-consumer. Even the writing on the manual also uses soy-based inks.

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