Nokia 703 Mobile Phone Windows Phone 7

Nokia will release phones berOS WP7 at the end of this year. As for info about one of WP 7, the Nokia 703 is leaking in the virtual world featuring pictures and little information about its specifications.

Little is known as "480 × 800 pixels LCD 3.7 inch" on the side labeled "DISPLAY". And that looks a lot like "5MP" and "@ 720p 30fps" next to the camera. The internal storage capacity of 8GB and seemed to 512MB of RAM memory.

It should be noted that the first phone Nokia berOS WP7 is not made in a factory nokia because mepetnya deadlines, and the phone is not using OS WP7 modifications from Nokia. The next cell phone will then use the nokia OS modifications, one of which is Window Phone Tango.

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