Adu vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Samsung Nexus S


Although both are playing in class premium, Arc give more bids, especially in terms of features and connectivity. Despite the continuous generation Googlephone throne, Nexus S seems not do much in terms of innovation and features.Tandemnya with Samsung also looks not much to give significant changes other than in terms of performance and a little design innovation performance

The presence of air-platform smartphone Android Gingerbread enough to beawaited and euphoria in the world market. Sony Ericsson comes first with the advanced prestige and innovation. While the Google phone back to physicalpenetration by entrusting a bandage on the Korean giant manufacturer, SonyEricsson's new Samsung.Keluarga nicknamed 'Xperia Arc', while the Samsung-Google collaboration of the packaging in 'the Samsung Nexus S'. So as far as what rival Google phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson classmate who has long been poor across the communication device?

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john biber said...

Among all i would like Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc most due to it's beautiful design, compact for its size, great screen, FAST.

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