Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review

Stretching global vendors in educating the Android-based phone in the middle segment increasingly sticking surface. One of the most diligent vendors release a phone with these characters is Samsung. Recently it released a Koreanmanufacturer Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini, which is claimed as smart phonesare quite friendly dikantong. So, anything that can be enjoyed on the optimalFroyo's Android-based phone? let us see.


This time, Samsung's display is quite trendy designs on products that areentered on the variant Galaxy. Galaxy Mini comes with a bandage doff texturedplastic base material, mainly seen firmly on the back of the phone. Look at thedynamic side of the green trim around the phone body and provide enough freshimpression.

Fits in the hand, so the first impression was when we held the phone. Its weightis quite light, only 105 grams. While the size itself are moderate, ie, 110.4 x 60.8x 12.1 mm.

Combing physical access to the mobile dressing, we find the switch volume / zoom keys on the left, directly across the power switch and a micro SD slot(hotswap). While at the top of the phone looks a sheltered micro USB slot nicelyaccompany a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The dominance of the screen that looks spacious in the front, comes with simplecharacters. Homescreen button pinned only accompanied by a menu button andback. Quarter three money, simplicity is also seen in the back of the phone linethat only instill powerful 3.15 megapixel camera and multimedia speakers.

Fitting in after class, but is present also in the design that was not toocomplicated look of this phone. As if to facilitate users in using the ranks of his own smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy Mini comes with an impression ofsimple, stylish and ergonomic.

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