Google+ vs Facebook

Approximately two months, Google has launched a new social networking in order to compete with existing social networks. Competition in Silicon Valley is now hotting up.+ Google launched last June with the provision of innovative video chat group dilujuluki Hangout. A week later, Facebook launched a video chat features of Skype's partnership with Microsoft.
Last week, Google announced Zynga games like Poker and the Angry Birds will have his own house on Google +. A day later, Facebook revealed some improvement in his game platforms.

Including, that is updated newsfeed directly and simultaneously hunting games games with higher resolution. If the previously all of these things are still unclear, now it all becomes clear.
CEO and Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg really take this into account.At the event last week, the director of partnerships Sean Ryan said the Facebook game has several options for new competitors.
"Google has to imitate aspects of our system and we must do better," he said.His words refer to the way the company gets money from online casual games, like 'Farmville' and 'Words With Friends'.
Players pay for play time or in-game virtual goods, and social networking to take part of that sale. Currently, Facebook is reportedly taking 30% profits from game developers, while Google only took 5%.
The similarity between the two models is clearly very intriguing. In the event, Ryan from Facebook argues that there are games on Google such as McDonald's strives to offer premium coffee to rival Starbucks.
"Google is only taking 5% because they do not have the users," he said flatly.Parties Google declined to comment on this report, but insisted that it makes the plan a percentage taken from the game maker.
There is good reason for these two technology giants to see gaming as a new vanguard in the struggle of social users. Global virtual goods marketplace that is claimed to be the biggest revenue stream of casual game makers are expected to double.
The amount will reach U.S. $ 20.3 billion (Rp173, 2 trillion) in 2014 according to the research and investment bank ThinkEquity. Altimeter Group's principal analyst Jeremiah Owyang noted, it is also a way to achieve that coveted demographic.
"When we saw the growth of casual games, amazing to see the players in general is a middle-aged woman from the Midwest, and there are lots of advertising dollars related to it," he said.
But according to Owyang, two services is compatible with both companies. + Google starts with a good start, but he did not think of a reason for major users to want to switch from Facebook.
This is the reason why the company announced it will 'work' in casual games to attract new users. Meanwhile, Facebook needs to be more relaxed on the Google announcement + and become more aggressive, he said.
With an estimated 25 million users, Google + still has a long way to go until the point of Facebook, which has 750 million users. On the other hand, there are a million monthly active users play games on Facebook. One thing is clear, both companies will continue to watch each movement of each.

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