Try Embraces Microsoft Developer webOS

With a history going termination of tablets TouchPad Hewlett-Packard (HP), Microsoft found an opportunity to try to attract the attention of developers webOS. What Microsoft offered to them?
The software giant is offering mobile phones, various tools and free training for developers who want to webOS create applications for Windows Phone 7 (WP7).
This offer is published via Twitter by Microsoft's Senior Director of development WP7, Brandon Watson. "For developers webOS. We will give you whatever you need to succeed in # WindowsPhone," the tweets are posted Watson.

This announcement comes only Watson came a day after HP announced plans to stop production of all devices that use webOS. However, companies from the United States was an indication that the software is still dirangkulnya.
To the media, Watson says that within 24 hours after publishing the offer, he received over 500 emails from developers who are interested in the offer. But many of those who responded said the transition from webOS to WP7 may not be easy for some developers.
Among the considerations are, one attraction that many applications WebOS created in HTML and JavaScript. While the framework C # and. NET is touted as the best tool for the development of Relevant Products / Services WP7.
Another problem is the spotlight that is, the developers who chose to focus WP7 will lose the advantage of multi-platform of webOS. Some analysts give notes, software development kit (SDK) webOS built-in browser layout engine WebKit open-source can build cross-platform applications for WebKit-based framework, especially for IOS, Android and BlackBerry. Unfortunately, this does not apply to WP7 that does not use WebKit.
Steps taken by Microsoft is understandable, given his desire to enrich the mobile application. Platforms Windows 7 Phone currently only has 30 thousand applications. Very much when compared to its competitors, Apple and Google Android IOS that amounted to hundreds of thousands.

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